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Curious Competitors

It’s hard to resist, isn’t it? Checking out what the competition is doing. I’m honored you thought it worth your time to visit our site.

Perhaps you’re a fellow financial advisor, then we can talk further about any of the following:

  • Are you interested in selling your practice?
  • Do you need to have contingency plans in place?
  • Are you interested in moving firms?

You can contact me confidentially and directly through our back-channel contact email at

Perhaps you work for a financial advisor firm or are interested in doing so. You may like working with clients and helping them with their preferred futures, but you just aren’t at the right place. The prospect of a flexible work week with excellent pay and benefits is hard to resist. Let’s explore options. Send us your resume to

Perhaps you are not yet a client of our firm and were just intrigued by the unique web page title. Let this be an indicator to you how unique our approach is. Do you know in our relatively small region there are 14 offices from the same investment company? If you approach any of their many offices, you will get very similar proposals, market commentary, and treatment. Every one of their advisor websites has the same words and pictures. Such consistency works well for restaurant chains serving hamburgers or sandwiches, but not so much for customizing a unique plan for someone as unique as you.