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Why should you choose a family wealth advisor to help with your financial affairs? Here are ten scenarios and how we can help you navigate them.

1. You do your job well, but can’t keep up with the stock market and hate dealing with taxes.

That’s the same reason I don’t do my own plumbing or heart surgery. Focus on what you do best to earn money. Let us help you grow and preserve it. We love our job and do it well. We love helping make it possible for clients to educate their kids, lower their tax burden, retire with purpose, give strategically, and pay off debt.

2. You don't have time, desire, or confidence to independently navigate the complexities of the investment world.

You’re not alone. Studies show that investor behavior is the most common reason that individuals receive underperforming returns. While, as the saying goes, “In calm water every ship has a good captain," we add value by helping you manage difficult times. Although we can’t guarantee future positive returns, our role is to help take out the emotion so you make wise decisions about your money.

3. You’ve worked hard for years saving for retirement, so when it comes to that nest egg, you want to deal with real people who know you - not a touch-tone phone menu or an automated customer service.

Like the old show Cheers, everybody knows your name from our receptionist to our wealth management team. You will get a live person on the phone. Online accessibility is available to you, but never required.

4. Your loved one used to handle all the financial matters, but now they are either gone or unable to manage it.

When you’re in a difficult, emotional time, it’s even more critical to receive trusted, professional advice. We’ve helped many clients through unique and difficult periods of loss. We can help you minimize anxiety during these times by providing expertise, structure, and direction to your finances.

5. You’re not trying to get rich, but you’re afraid of ending up poor.

We understand this concern. It’s why we work hard to understand your risk and reward tradeoff and customize a strategy personalized for you.

6. You’ve been saving in a 401(k) for years, but now that retirement is near, you're unsure how to make the financial transition.

We can help develop your “exit strategy” from the workforce. While accumulation is an important phase of your financial life that can last for decades, the time following retirement can be more challenging. More people die on the way down from Mount Everest than climbing up it. We plan with tax efficiency and longevity in mind.

7. You want your spouse to have a trusted, familiar advisor in case you die first.

That’s love in action. We prefer, when possible, to work with both of you now so we can best be there for one of you later.

8. You want help identifying the blind spots.

Our experience and knowledge can alert you to possible tax pitfalls, liquidity problems, or inappropriate risk. We help smart people avoid dumb decisions.

9. You’d like a trusted advisor that can teach practical investment concepts, but not burden you with technical things you don’t need to know.

Our experience and communication abilities combine to make the complex more understandable, and we're glad to explain as much as you wish. We know that expertise is an opportunity for service, not condescension.

10. Your life is complicated enough, so you want one place you can trust to know the total picture.

Let us simplify your financial life. You can go many places to get mutual funds. You could buy insurance over the Internet. But with Jeremy White, CPA, as your family wealth advisor, you can put it all together and have a one-stop-shop for all your wealth management and tax preparation needs. Avoid the situation where your financial advisor says, “Check with your tax advisor.”

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