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My Why

“A financial geek.” An accurate term to describe someone who asked for a Wall Street Journal subscription for Christmas at age 14.

I had long been interested in investments, business, taxes, and money. But I had felt an equal pull to helping people and considering ministry paths. I had presumed the two interests were opposite directions, and mutually exclusive.

When I was working for Ernst & Young, an international accounting firm, a pastor invited me to help a couple struggling with their finances. I was hesitant; I didn’t study that in college. Working with international companies on their financial statements is much different than helping a couple prioritize debt reduction with savings goals and overspending habits.

So, I began studying personal finance and biblical principles. I found out about the writings of Larry Burkett and Ron Blue, two of the leading researchers and pioneers for biblical stewardship. Studying all I could from these men, I learned enough to help that couple.

Later, another person in the church needed financial counseling after a divorce. Through these initial experiences, I began seeing how I could integrate faith and finances, professional knowledge and practical assistance to help everyday people with everyday financial challenges. My passion began then and still continues to this day.

Because my passion was for helping individuals, I left the corporate world to help individuals have financial confidence to live their preferred future, be generous, and pass on wealth wisely. I want to help people invest on purpose and with purpose using our principled-based investing approach.

My pleasure would be to use “my why” to help you with the “how” to reach your why.

P.S. about that Larry Burkett-Ron Blue-Dave Ramsey connection:

Like me, Dave Ramsey, financial author and radio host, also credits Larry Burkett and Ron Blue with mentoring him through their writings and radio programs. I’m a fan of Dave Ramsey’s ability to motivate people in an engaging way to move toward financial peace and contentment.

It was a thrill for me to write a book with Larry Burkett and Ron Blue. After Larry died in 2003, Ron and I worked together on various books. Then, Dave graciously wrote the foreword on two of them and endorsed them.