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Sharon White

Sharon White

Administrative Assistant

Main Duties:

A little bit of everything from welcoming clients to cheering on the staff to using her MBA to help plan strategically for the firm.  


Superheroine Strengths*:

 Empathy, Positivity, Relator, Self-Assurance, Woo


Something More Personal...

Full disclosure: Sharon has an on-going love affair with Jeremy, her husband. They met on the tennis court and still play regularly. Who says “love” means nothing to a tennis player?

An amazing woman – she listens compassionately with a tear in her eye yet can break boards as a former black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She is a word-nerd in two languages (Spanish and English), and she makes everyone feel like they are her best friend.

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* Obtained from the StrengthFinders® assessment (see